5 reasons why you should choose Salesforce for your Business



When choosing a platform to infinitely scale your business and increase your online presence to announce your brand on a global extent, there are specific factors like agility, functionality, customisation and scalability.

The platform you select to build your digital business will be crucial to your overall success. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the market leader that provides those aforementioned essential factors. SFCC allows users to manage everything from an all-inclusive platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools for tracking sales, analysing marketing efforts, and scaling business operations.

Many B2B and B2C users have yet to fully appreciate the advantages of utilising Salesforce Commerce Cloud to manage their eCommerce store.

Below we have reviewed the five benefits of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

An AI powered personalised Customer Experience

Integrated within Salesforce technology, their Einstein AI is their native, predictive artificial intelligence that effectively discards the need for manual data analysis and third-party extensions, and ultimately provides an exceptional personalised customer experience.

Einstein provides intricate, crucial details regarding customer buying patterns and insights into their behaviour, subsequently uncovering several prominent channels where eCommerce merchants can increase their presence to reach a larger consumer base.

The pinnacle of AI found in a CRM; Salesforce Einstein is an integrated set of advanced artificial intelligence technologies that infuses Salesforce products with unrivalled data and commerce insights that fuel personalised and unified customer experiences.

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eCommerce merchants previously depended on integrating third-party tools to introduce new features and manage different functionalities. Einstein AI enables online retailers to recommend the most relevant product to the target customer. Simultaneously, it saves valuable time for users upon automating the merchandising affairs.

Einstein AI’s insightful data aids retailers in boosting conversion rates and average order values by increasing awareness of inventory that have slow sales rates and highlights new products that are performing.

Salesforce Einstein AI system’s key characteristics to a personalised customer experience:

  • Auto-merchandising tasks.

  • Collected data can provide key insights of how to fundamentally increase sales and boost conversions.

  • Recommends the best-fitting products to customers at every touchpoint.

  • Generates real-time predictions for every shopper who visits the online store.

The Global Market is within your reach

Salesforce Commerce Cloud's globalisation features enable eCommerce retailers to significantly expand their market reach from a local or national scale, to global one. From SFCC's all-inclusive platform, users can build and manage multiple storefronts for multiple global locations to reach consumers through multiple digital touchpoints

It enables the use of languages, translations, and multiple currencies, allowing your team to “speak” English, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, or French. This will aid in the generation of targeted content and offers based on country, state, city, or region, ensuring that all your international customers enjoy the same experience.

It makes it simple to manage product data sets for multiple stores at the same time, as well as various complexities such as billing, pricing, product availability, and more.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based commerce solution with ready-to-use globalisation features that enable you to expand your market reach from local to global. From a single platform, you can create and manage multiple storefronts for multiple global locations.

No other platform is as effective as Salesforce Commerce Cloud in enabling store owners to simultaneously manage several storefronts via a single back-end for different parts of the world.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes it easy to manage product data segments for multiple stores at the same time, as well as tackling the complexities of billing, pricing, product inventory.

SFCC’s best-in-class features allow users to incorporate multiple languages, currencies, and processes that are crucial for managing storefronts and reach customers across the world. It also simplifies contrasting matters such as like product availability, billing, handling pricing, etc.

In an era of targeted content, providing offers based on country, state, city, or region, ensures that all international customers enjoy the same experience.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools Boost Sales & Conversion

SFCC’s marketing tools are lauded by its existing users, and rightly so. It boasts some of the most creative and explicit marketing tools for content developers, marketers, and even merchants, helping them boost brand awareness, acknowledgment, and reliability. They allow merchants to pitch the right product to the right customer at the perfect opportunity in order to maximise sales and conversion rates.

  • Run A/B testing or splitting testing to see what works best with your customers to subsequently launch the most effective and productive marketing campaigns.

  • Adjust & optimise search queries according to the search intent of their customers, resulting in an increased visibility of their products & services.

  • Run Salesforce commerce cloud platform for eCommerce stores on any device.

A Powerful Mobile Experience

A mobile-responsive store is essential to gain a competitive market advantage. Salesforce Commerce Cloud places a large emphasis on a mobile-first approach.SFCC focuses on facilitating the best shopping experience possible for mobile users, as much as it does for desktop, etc.

A mobile-first approach has become significantly important since search-engine giant Google has declared mobile responsiveness, mobile-first indexing, and page load speed as ranking factors for retailers looking to be competitive online.

Puma, one of the world’s leading sports brands, utilised SFCC to re-architect its mobile websites in 25 markets worldwide and improve user experience. From using the Storefront Reference Architecture, Puma relaunched their mobile sites, including more user convenience options, refined the top navigation along with internal search.

eBook, 2023, Salesforce Commerce Cloud x Sherwen Studios

Retailers can craft agile, responsive websites with the help of innovative features, tools, and mobile frameworks. With Commerce Cloud Digital, storefronts can be displayed on social media to reach the designated target audience. Mobile payments and search can be optimised, and also utilised to effectively reduce cart abandonment and create branded apps to improve customer experience on mobile.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Customising the user experience is important, but so is consolidating the ordering process. Retailers that struggle with their legacy architecture and attempt to integrate multiple systems together can end up with a slow, error-laden commerce experience.

The Lightning order management add-on is a simple drag-and-drop tool that doesn't require any coding and allows retailers to tailor the processing, shipping, and delivery processes to your tailored needs.

It facilitates an easy integration of multiple systems and visual management of workflows. It makes the process of tracking inventories incredibly smooth to avoid sell-throughs and overstocks. It also automates the payment capture and invoice generation processes.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud has all the necessary tools required for substantially growing your business in a multitude of ways; providing eCommerce retailers with an extensive range of marketing tools, reporting and analytics, along with configurable eCommerce functions under one cloud-based platform.