The Salesforce Commerce Cloud eBook

For B2C and B2B businesses who want to stand out in a congested digital market, SFCC is the ultimate service for streamlining business processes and delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

Learn how Salesforce Commerce Cloud creates the seamless commerce experience your customers expect and find out if it’s the right eCommerce solution to grow your business.


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Why SFCC is the outstanding eCommerce solution to grow your business


Retailers are met with tough decisions when it comes to being competitive in eCommerce, and even more so when it comes to sustaining any sort of profitability. Top-line growth is imperative, but so is laying the foundations to sustain said growth.

This publication takes an in-depth look at SFCC and helps you understand if this could be the right solution for your brand.

What's covered?

  • Is SFCC suitable for my business?

  • The power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • What are SFCC's top features?

  • The licensing model of SFCC

  • Why top brands trust Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • What is the implementation process for SFCC

  • Why you should partner with a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant


Key insights include:

  • How to effectively manage Cloud Commerce integration and mitigate risk

  • How SFCC creates dynamic checkout journeys and experiences

  • How Salesforce omnichannel features are connecting the future of eCommerce

  • How Adidas saw a 59% increase in eCommerce sales with SFCC

  • Managing an existing website whilst developing a new one

  • What is the secret AI behind creating a personalised shopping experience

  • Why renowned brands trust SFCC to drive interactions and gather key insights

  • Why you should choose to collaborate with a Salesforce partner consultant over internal development teams.