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What we do

We design, build and run the experiences and technology that enable our physical and digital retail partners to connect and engage with their customers at every interaction.

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From eCommerce website development to full omnichannel digital infrastructures, we’re here to help you understand which components of the digital retail evolution will work best for you.

Our Specialisms

Customer Experience.

With customer experience being a key differentiator across physical and digital retail you need to provide an optimum experience across every interaction.

By blending data, design and technology we help you create a seamless customer experience that delights, has purpose and above all else adds customer value at every stage.

  • Digital product & storefront design

  • User interface design

  • Personalisation & Automation

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • User Research & Testing

  • Service Design

  • Technical Strategy & Architecture


Technical Delivery

Scalable platforms and flexible solutions are the backbone to delivering a best in class and connected commerce experience.

With over two decades of building custom solutions and integrating the latest technologies in the retail space we deliver the platforms and services you need to drive incremental growth and operational efficiency.

We focus on API and micro-service based architectures that allow us to deliver flexible solutions across multiple physical and online channel touch-points at pace.


Continuous Improvement

To succeed in digital retail you have to continuously improve and react to customer behaviour fast. Where many in-house teams and competitors falter, continuous improvement and delivery are instilled in our teams and processes allowing us to react and deliver in hours and days as opposed to weeks and months.

As a fully integrated and embedded part of your team we operate intensive optimisation, development and release programmes across your digital platforms and storefronts that allow you to scale and react to your customer and operational needs fast.

  • Continuous delivery / development

  • Enhancements & bug fixes

  • Content / merchandising

  • Performance

  • Compliance management

  • Incident management

  • Commerce operations & platform support


Working with Sherwen

Client relationships spanning over two decades is testament to our people focussed approach. As a fully integrated partner, working together on a long term basis allows us to eat, sleep and breathe your business while our iterative process model allows you to move at pace.

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