How to increase your conversion rates with A/B Testing

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Our A/B testing schedule is designed to supercharge your website and deliver higher conversion rates through data-driven customer insights and informed decision-making processes.

Small changes = Big impact

AB Testing

Our outlook is simple. We believe that data-driven facts and analytical insights can help you make customer-centric decisions.

Small changes to your copy, design, UI/UX, and CTAs can significantly increase conversion rates and have a big effect on your click-through rates.

But how do you know which changes will have the biggest influence on your customer’s behaviour?

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Via split testing, we analyse performance plateaus and use data-driven insights to visually identify what your customers like. From here, you can make well-informed decisions to give your customers a dynamic shopping experience.

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A/B testing- what is it?

A/B Testing

A/B testing is an important part of any strategy for increasing conversion rates because it lets you compare and contrast small changes to your page. You might think you know what your customers respond to, but ab split tests might show you something else.


Conversion rate A/B tests remove any guesswork from your marketing decisions. Every part of your page is carefully thought out, tested, measured, evaluated and re-tested to see how it affects your conversions, whether for the better or worse. With these insights, you can learn from what works, but more importantly, you can learn from what doesn’t work.

A/B testing does what it says on the tin. Using a variant (or multiple) pages to test against the original web page, to see whether changing the elements can improve the page's engagement and encourage users to convert at a better rate.

As an a/b testing agency, we have helped specifically retailers for more than 25 years, implement web page variant tests to improve their online shopping experiences.

If you need help with a/b split testing, or you have previously tested, but can't make sense of your data, book in a free 30 minute consultation with one of our ab testing experts and we can figure out how to help your website reach it's full potential.

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Our approach to A/B testing

We don't just use A/B tests once and then stop. When testing is done right, it should be an ongoing process that allows you to build momentum.

By constantly testing, learning and re-testing approach, you will always have the most up-to-date information to feed into and refine your decision-making processes. With A/B testing, you can respond quickly to changes in how your audience acts and find small points of customer pressure before they become bigger problems.

Our approach is to learn from all of the information that comes out of your A/B tests. The technical information we get will help us learn more about what your customers like. We can compare current users to new users and do two things at once: keep customers satisfied while pushing for new innovation.

With a regular A/B testing schedule, you will get the customer-focused data you need to improve every interaction you have with a customer throughout their entire lifecycle. The data will show you where to invest your efforts and help you maximise your budgets by allocating expenditures in the right places.


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Defining the strategy

A/B testing is naturally strategic; by conducting test variations you’re ultimately deciding that an aspect of your strategy is to spend the additional time and resources on reducing uncertainty within the decision making process.

When it comes to determining a definitive ab testing strategy, consider that not one size fits all. It’s incredibly unlikely that there’s a universal solution.

We work with clients to identify the internal factors that may influence exactly what testing options will ultimately drive consistent results. This criteria typically affects what we test, how often, and how we run ab tests. 

Design and implementation

We use A/B testing to discover the optimal version of key pages and components.

The key to designing an A/B test is to determine which elements of your website or campaign that can be compared and contrasted against a new or modified variant.

Our testing tools optimise critical pages using insights from heat-maps, click-maps, and scroll-maps to detect and analyse dead-clicks and identify user distractions. The 'cleaner' your key pages (i.e. homepages, landing pages), the likelier it is that visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.

Integrating into the website

After designing the framework, you will have all the required data and a prioritised backlog.

Once we have formulated hypotheses that align to your goal and prioritised them, we create variations, and flag off the test.

Whilst tests are being conducted, we ensure it meets every requirement to produce statistically significant results before its conclusion, such as testing on accurate traffic, not testing too many elements together, or testing at an optimal duration.

Take learnings and repeat

Upon conclusion, it's essential to continuously analyse the results. A/B testing requires continuous data mining and analysis. We don't believe that testing stops because you have a 'winning' outcome.

We analyse metrics like percentage increases, engagement rates, and confidence level. Once the numbers are crunched, we make improvements to the 'winning' outcome and keep testing.

If tests prove inconclusive, we delve into the insights and implement changes in subsequent tests.

Best A/B testing tools and choosing a solution

As specialists in conversion optimisation, we know that conversion testing uses a number of A/B testing tools. There are many different tests, and each will give you distinct data and analytics.


By understanding what you want to achieve from your CRO strategies, we can recommend which tests to perform and prioritise. Our in-depth understanding of the various micro-interactions that lead a customer along your sales funnel means that we will only recommend specific tests that match your conversion goals.

Some retailers might benefit from split URL testing; others may get more insights from multivariate testing or multipage A/B tests. Using a variety of testing methods, we can garner enough data for you to make informed decisions that will quickly increase your conversions and click-throughs.

Not only will this pinpoint what resources you need to maximise your optimisation, but it will save you valuable time and money.

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Split testing may involve copious amounts of data, but it shouldn’t be complicated. We have the A/B testing tools to do the job quickly, allowing you to make the most of customer-driven insights.

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Why choose us as your AB testing specialists?

For decades, we’ve worked with retailers, helping them to create vibrant shopping experiences packed full of significant interactions that naturally build brand loyalty. We care about your customers and want them to have the best experience possible. That’s why we put their wants and needs first in everything we do.

You want to know why your performance has plateaued; thanks to our in-depth testing schedules, we can give you the exact answers that you are looking for.

Our A/B testing goes beyond just technical data. We provide the context behind changing user behaviours and identify if there are any emerging pressure points that could cause customer frustrations. With stringent testing, evaluating and re-testing, we can understand what your customers respond to and pinpoint any specific changes that are guaranteed to optimise your website for greater results.

When it comes to conversion rate optimisations, Sherwen Studios can work independently or alongside your internal team to provide you with fresh viewpoints and additional resourcing. Our testing experts can help you to set clear goals for conversions and give you the data that you need to track your progress and benchmark your performance.

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