Why you should hire a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency


MARCH, 2023

As a specialist CRO agency, we personally assess our clients to find opportunities within their websites and applications in order to maximise growth across user engagement, conversion rates, and sales.

Why retailers need to hire a CRO agency

If you're experiencing satisfactory traffic but low conversion rates across your website, a CRO agency (or CRO consultant) can help retailers achieve significantly higher conversions, revenues and engagement.

CRO requires expertise in all areas of conversion optimisation, from user experience to technical implementation. CRO specialists work with retailers to improve metrics such as reducing bounce rates, improving ecommerce checkout processes, implementing analytics tools and bucket testing, to help determine conversion outcome.

An external CRO agency allows retailers to focus on their core business, while the agency focuses on improving the website performance and the user experience.

Experienced CRO agencies will boast a team of conversion optimisers who provide valuable insights into human behaviour, user expectations, and deliverables that can help increase conversions. They have dedicated developers who only focus on CRO and spend all their time testing and analysing platforms.

What should retailers consider before hiring a CRO agency?

Before partnering with a CRO consultant or agency, retailers should consider the following to ensure they hire the best-fit for their business.

  • It's important to understand why CRO is important and how it can help businesses increase sales by providing insight into user behaviour and identifying elements of the website that need optimising in order to improve the user experience and ultimately, increase conversions.

  • Retailers need to familiarise themselves with a basic understanding of CRO fundamentals before asking for a quote on their project.

  • Ask potential consultants about their qualifications and experience working as a CRO consultant. They should ask them to explain the differences between a Digital Marketing Agency, an SEO agency, and a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency.

  • Discuss the consultant's process for website audits, highlighting potential performance issues, and providing recommendations on how to solve them.

How we can help retailers with CRO services

As an external CRO agency, we provide expertise and resources that may not be available to your in-house team. We provide CRO services with fresh perspectives and ideas, alongside specialist knowledge, skills and technologies that you may not have at your disposal.

Although CRO may seem a straightforward venture, we look further into your customer experience. Sherwen Studios focuses on creating meaningful interactions with your customers across all channels rather than simply optimising conversion rates.

We aim to create a seamless brand experience for customers across all touchpoints, including physical stores, online stores, social media platforms, and mobile apps.

With an end-to-end knowledge of what CRO can accomplish, we understand the human behaviour at the heart of ecommerce. By focusing on customer experience rather than just conversion rates, we help retailers build stronger relationships with customers and increase loyalty over time.

Your experimental CRO strategy will be carefully managed by our team of CRO specialists.

This typically consists of:

  • A comprehensive website and application performance audit.

  • A CRO specialist will oversee a testing roadmap and establish goals for your CRO strategy to ensure its long-term success.

  • Quantitative and qualitative research to isolate issues impacting the website’s user experience. Examples include user testing, heat-map studies, on-site surveys, data analytics, etc.

  • Developing test ideas from the aforementioned research findings from quantitative and qualitative studies.

  • Reviewing & assessing procedures.

  • Communicating findings and developing new test hypotheses in response to data.

  • Putting focus on insights and testing plans to ensure a good ROI in line with business goals.

By focusing on customer experience rather than just conversion rates, we help retailers build stronger relationships with customers and increase loyalty over time.

Book a FREE CRO Consultation (30 minutes)

Book a free 30 minute consultation with one of our optimisation consultants in a 1-2-1 session and discover how we work alongside retailers to improve conversion rate, customer satisfaction and prove a worthwhile ROI.

We review ecommerce conversion funnels, and our conversion optimisers initiate an honest discourse regarding your long-term goals in order to achieve business growth.

Discover how a comprehensive CRO strategy with data-driven tactics such as A/B testing, and user research informed by customer behaviour can help your business grow by successfully increase revenue per visitor, acquiring more customers, and lowering customer acquisition costs.

With an end-to-end knowledge of what CRO can accomplish, we understand the consumer behaviour at the heart of ecommerce.

Our ScS Case Study elaborates on how we quickly analysed the retailer's key technical strengths and weaknesses to forge an optimisation strategy to take them forward.

Here’s some of the CRO FAQs our conversion optimisers have answered in previous sessions:

  • Which pages should be tested?

  • What are the best tools to test / measure CRO?

  • How to document CRO?

  • How to get key stakeholder approval for CRO project?

  • How to project future test value?

  • How does Sherwen Studios work with an in-house team?

  • How long does the CRO programme take?

You can book a time-slot with one of our conversion rate experts directly here, or if you’re unsure on your availability, you can contact us to book our free CRO Consultation & Recommendations meeting.