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The Sherwen Summer Social

AUGUST, 2022

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At Sherwen Studios, we firmly believe that creating an engaging and positive company culture for its employees is the essential backbone of any business. Our core values are reflected in the creative expression and interactions of our team who collaborate and align to produce remarkable digital experiences. However, we also believe that nurturing team growth & development, whilst instilling the core values and ethos of company culture isn’t restricted to the confines of the office…

After months of hard work, we celebrated with our first ever Summer Social event at Catton Hall on a sun-soaked day.

With a slew of activities ahead of us, we started with a Team-Building exercise where two teams went head-to-head, with bonus points allocated to the team who made the best animal impressions.

The Sherwen Summer Social 2022 - Archery

It would seem some members were preparing for this moment their entire lives, notably with some scarily accurate cow & sheep noises that were BAAFTA worthy.

We continued the ‘versus’ aspect, as we channelled our inner Hunger Games with some Archery, before each of us taking to the Shooting Range with Air Rifles and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

The Sherwen Summer Social - Air Rifle Shooting Range

After refuelling with a splendid spread, we donned our quad-bike attire, some of which hilariously dwarfed some of us. It was lucky the wind had died down by that point otherwise some of us would’ve turned into human kites.

We were shown the ropes on the quad bikes before beginning a 6 mile high-octane ride across a beautiful countryside and woodland landscape full of twists and turns.

From 4 wheels to two legs and a bubble, we turned our attention to Zorb Football, one last hurrah before we called it a day. For the final time, we divided ourselves into two teams before comically smashing each other to pieces. To be honest, some of us had probably forgotten the football was even there.

The Sherwen Summer Social - Zorb Football

Two halves couldn’t separate the teams following a 5-5 draw, and had to settled by a Golden Goal, in which the Orange Team prevailed over Blue Team.

Before an overall winner was crowned, we finished the day off with some coffee and cakes before Kamil was unveiled as the day’s Champion with a whopping 130 points!

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Catton Hall and all of their friendly staff who made us feel incredibly welcome!

Also, all of us as Sherwen Studios team would like to extend our gratitude to Matt who graciously arranged it, here’s looking forward to the Christmas Party!


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