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The Future of Subscription Commerce is up for Renewal


Discover how to deliver the subscription commerce package that your customers are looking for.

We worked in partnership with YouGov to survey thousands of UK consumers and answer the question: What do customers really want to see from retailers who offer subscriptions? 

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What do shoppers really want from subscription services?

Subscription commerce has taken off in recent years. The challenge for retailers is how to respond to the high churn nature of the market. What can retailers do to maximise the potential of their subscription services, and how can they react to customer expectations?

In this publication, we will explore customer attitudes toward subscription commerce. We’ll find out what encourages them to sign up for subscriptions and we’ll pinpoint what could cause them to cancel a subscription. You’ll leave with a clear idea of customers expectations with practical tips to help you supercharge your subscription commerce strategies.

This whitepaper covers topics such as:

  • The growth of the subscription model sector.

  • Why do retailers choose to implement subscription models?

  • Why do customers choose to subscribe to subscription models? 

  • Improving the technology behind subscription models.

  • The value of aligning subscription models with loyalty schemes & customer service.



Key insights include:

  • The average amount customers are looking to spend on subscription boxes.

  • What types of subscriptions are more popular with specific customers.

  • How many TikTok users plan on signing up for a subscription box with year.

  • The reason 20% of subscribers will be cancelling their subscriptions soon.

  • Why people are looking to use subscription services & what’s stopping them.

  • What customers really think of those huge introductory offers – do they work?

The endless possibilities of subscription commerce allow retailers to build long-lasting customer relationships, converting transactional sales into brand advocacy.

Matt Sherwen, CEO