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Bricks & mortar stores vs. online retail

By questioning over 2,000 UK shoppers* about their shopping habits and preferences, Sherwen Studios has identified five clear areas of improvement for retailers operating online and in physical stores.


What do shoppers really want from retailers?

Retailers are working in an ever-changing environment. The economic, societal, and even political changes that have emerged post-2020 have created an entirely new marketplace that is evolving rapidly. This publication looks at what today’s customers want and explains how you can improve your commerce strategies to meet these needs.

Key insights include:

One simple change that would make 36% of shoppers more likely to purchase when shopping online

What percentage of shoppers attempt to shop online only to exit due to a bad checkout process

The one thing that deters 44% of shoppers from wanting to shop online instead of in-store

Something that could substantially improve revenue for many retailers if integrated into physical stores

whitepaper brochure image
whitepaper brochure image

Make the most of these findings

We’ve identified 5 actionable areas of improvement for retailers. These will improve customers in-store and online experiences using technology and lead to increased revenue for retailers.


Social commerce


Customer service


Search capabilities


Checkout Process


Delivery options


Our research has confirmed that it’s imperative that any eCommerce strategy continually asks the question ‘what do our customers want?’ Unfortunately, in our experience, too many retailers base their eCommerce strategies on the latest trends and technical capabilities rather than what customers actively want. As a result, they get caught up in the possibilities of what can be done without thinking about who their audience is. This could result in retailers implementing the wrong solutions – and this won’t lead to an effective return on your investment



Download your copy and discover the actionable insights that will give retailers a competitive advantage in the quickly evolving world of omnichannel retail.

*Survey of 2,000 shoppers across the UK was conducted in partnership with Censuswide. Censuswide complies with the MRS Code of Conduct and ESOMAR principles.

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