How Retailers can avoid a Christmas Hangover

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How Retailers can avoid a Christmas Hangover

An Era of (dis)Content

Consumers have been inundated with COVID-19 influenced advertising, some quirky and clever, whilst others are downright annoying. The Christmas ads are running with COVID-19 at the forefront, focusing on aspects like family, community with a sentimental nostalgia of a world pre-pandemic.

Consumers simply want to be reassured that it is business as usual for retailers and that their winter holidays are in safe hands. Brands who dare to be different might have a chance of standing out in the crowd if they resist shoving the pandemic down the public’s throats (metaphorically speaking).

Search ? Online Sales

According to research, search will drive a 9% higher share of purchases this holiday season, making up 46.5 percent of total online shopping revenue, according to holiday research.

Search is a high-intent eCommerce environment, it tells you exactly what a person is looking for before they even get to your site, so it’s natural that organic search is set to see the biggest increase in shopping.

Retailers should be taking advantage of product listings, reposition their best content for the holiday shopper, and create category or landing pages that mirror what people are searching for most.

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Data-driven campaign orchestration is going to be essential this year. Assemble your data early and thoroughly because retailers will require a complete view of their customers in order to meet their needs this holiday season, and in good time too.

Time to get Shipping-Shape

To nullify shipping, inventory, and logistical challenges, retailers have begun discounting shipping in early November to incite earlier buying and demand.

It’s suggested the majority of consumers gravitate towards free shipping deals, with buyers more likely to expect free shipping during November & December, and even into the 2021 New Year Sales.

Studies show the share of free shipping orders typically increases by 8.6% during the holiday season.

By offering free shipping and communicating cut-off dates, retailers have an opportunity to drive sales earlier in the season, helping to mitigate shipping issues.

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Expect a high-percentage of consumers to shop earlier this year to avoid shipping delays.

Over a third of shoppers are expected to opt for expedited shipping, even if that means paying for it despite previous reluctance. This will subsequently place even more pressure on retailers to ensure an assured delivery.

“No one wants to pay for a package that doesn’t arrive on time, particularly during the holiday season, and if you do expect delays, communication is key and can mitigate the pain.

This is increasingly important this year because fewer people are traveling to be with family, and we expect an increase in gifts being shipped directly from the retailer.”

Click & Collect is the new Consumer's Choice

Retailers with Click & Collect order fulfilment options aced Cyber Week in 2019 and will continue to benefit from this offering during the 2020 holiday shopping season. Earlier in April to May when the pandemic was widespread, Click & Collect orders grew 120% year-on-year.

Consumers can expect long lines for picking up orders in-store this holiday season.

Mobile Sales Will Keep Rising

Mobile shopping will continue to become more prominent regardless of the 'stay at home' advantage.

Decreased commuting times and consumer's 'working from home' setup suggests that the latest smartphones and tablets will make up a bigger share of online spend this holiday season compared to last year, despite the increase in people working from home behind their computers.

Interestingly, smartphone shopping continues to grow at an accelerated rate. According to Adobe research, consumers will do 42% of their shopping from smartphones this winter, with an astonishing estimated $28 billion more spent using smartphones this year than 2019's holidays.

Share of smartphone eCommerce web visits stemming from social media has more than tripled in the past three years.

  • On smartphones, social media-driven traffic has increased in share from 4% to 11% in just 3 years.
  • At the same time, revenue continues to fall behind quite a bit. Social visits don’t translate into purchases as easily as visits from other channels like email & search.
  • 57% of consumers have received ideas for holiday purchases from social media.
  • 20% of consumers have purchased a product based on an influencer's recommendation.
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